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Tuesday 21 January 2020

What is kaizen? Kaizen Process

What is Kaizen?

kaizen is a Japanese tool which made up of two words ''Kai'' which suggests''Change'' and ''zen'' which suggests ''for betterment.
 Its meaning is continuous improvement otherwise you can say any small improvement altogether sorts of industry.
It is core to lean manufacturing.

 Constituents of Kaizen:

3.Cross functional team
4. 5S
5.Productivity Improvement
6.Process focus
7.Discipline in workplace
8.Team work

Kaizen activity-

4. Act

This is also referred as PDCA.
PDCA cycle

Kaizen Process-

1. Identify Problem
2. Analyze the problem
3.Develop solution
5. Analyze result
6. Standerdize solution

Need for Kaizen:

Because people can easily accept the thoughts and suggest for improvement, as a result the Kaizen mode of production will improve company’s productivity through:
1. Quality improvement
2. Cost reduction
3. Shortened delivery
4. Reduce time interval
5. Internal control improvement
6. Safety improvement

Elements of Kaizen:

2.Quality circle
3. TPM
4. JIT
5. Customer Focus
6. Labour-Man Cooperation
7. Automation

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