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Thursday 23 January 2020

Types of Gauges in Measurement

  • Gauges are inspection tools which are used to check manufacturing parts.They do not indicate the actual value of the parts. 
  • They can only be used to determine whether the inspected part has been made within the specified limit or out of the specified limit.

How to use Gauges?

  • Do not use it as a hammer ,this will cause deformation.
  • Do not force it to be measured,this will cause fast tear and wear,Let the gauges to check with its own weight.
  • After usage , grease/oil should be applied and kept at proper place.

Types of Gauges:

1.Plug Gauge:

A Plug Gauge is a cylindrical type of gauge, used to check the internal diameter of the part. The plug gauge check whether the diameter is  within specified tolerance or not. The "Go" Plug gauge is the size of the lower limit of hole while "No Go'' Plug is the higher limit of the hole.It should engage the hole to be checked without using pressure.

2.Snap Gauge:

A Snap Gauge is used for checking outer diameter of the part.

3.Feller Gauge:

A feller Gauge is used for checking clearance between components.These gauges are ideal for measuring narrow slots, clearance,setting small gap and determining fit between mating parts.
They are made in form of a set of steel,precision machined blade 0.03 to 1.0 mm thick and 100 mm long.

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