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Friday, 21 February 2020

What is World Class Manufacturing?

What is WCM?

World Class Manufacturing is considered one of the most recognised production device within the world.
It is a unique set of concepts,principles,regulations and method for managing a production unit.
It is driven by effects accomplished to benefit a competitive edge.
Primarily specialises in continual enhancements in quality, cost, lead time, flexibility and consumer focus. Japaneses are pioneers of this machine and advanced after World struggle II.
It refers to practice accompanied in a manufacturing organisation, to be able to always deliver exceptional performance, often in extra of expectation.
World Class Manufacturers are people who show industry first-class practice.

Principles of WCM:

1. World Class Safety is the inspiration of World Class Performance.
2. WCM leader have a ardour for standards.
3. In a World Class Company, voice of customer are often heard with in the plant.
4. WCM does now not take delivery of losses of any kind. (Goal is usually zero: accident, service and first-class defects, inventory, and breakdowns)
5. A rigorous application of WCM method ensures the elimination of  losses.

6. Plant all abnormalities are at once visible.

7. WCM takes place inside the workplace, now not in the office.

8. WCM is most effectively learnt by means of practising the strategies with the plant teams.
9. The energy of WCM comes from the involvement of people.
10. World Class agencies create the strength of a crisis in the face of endured success.

Implementation of WCM:

World Class Manufacturing may be a process-driven approach that generally involves implementing the subsequent philosophies and techniques:

  1. Make-to-order    
  2. Streamlined flow
  3. Small lot sizes
  4. Families of parts
  5. Doing it right the first time
  6. Cellular manufacturing
  7. Total preventive maintenance
  8. Quick changeover
  9. Zero Defects
  10. Just-in-time production
  11. Variability reduction
  12. Employee involvement
  13. Cross-functional teams (quality control circles)
  14. Multi-skilled employees
  15. Visual signals
  16. Statistical process control

Seven Keys  of WCM:

1. Reduce lead times
2. Speed time-to-market
3. Cut operations costs
4. Exceed customer expectations
5. Manage the global enterprise
6. Streamline outsourcing processes
7. Improve business performance visibility

7 steps to world class manufacturing

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