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Sunday 26 January 2020

What is FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect analysis)?

FMEA is a structured approach that combines the technology and experience of people in identifying predictable failure modes of a product or process for its elimination.

1.Identify the ways a product or process can fail.
2.Estimate the risk associated with possible causes.
3.Prioritise actions that should be taken to reduce cost.
4.Evaluate the design validation process or the current control process.

Risk priority number calculation in FMEA

History of FMEA:

  • First used during the Apollo missions in the 1960’s in the Aerospace industry. 
  • In 1974, the U.S. Navy developed MIL-STD-1629 regarding the use of FMEA
  •  In the late 1970’s, driven by product liability costs, FMEA moved into U.S. automotive applications

Types of FMEA:

1. System

Used to analyse systems and sub-systems in the early concept and design stages.Also focuses on potential failure modes associated with the functions of a system caused by the design.

2. Design

 Used to analyse product designs before they are released to production ,focuses on product function.

3. Process

 Used to analyse manufacturing and assembly processes,focuses on process inputs

When to do FMEA?

  • FMEA is a live document.
  • A new product,process or service is being initiated.
  • FMEA  should be revised as improvement or changes made to a process.
  • When an existing product,process or services is applied in a new way.
  • Before designing control plans for a new or updated operations.
  • When analysing failures of an existing process.product or services.

Who does an FMEA?

Depending on the type of FMEA being done,members may come from
1. Manufacturing
2.Research and Development
3.Human Resource
7.Marketing & Sales etc.

FMEA Formula:

RPN (Risk Priority number)= Severity*Occurrence*Detection

Where RPN= Risk Priority Number
      Severity = Impact of a Failure
 Occurrence = Frequency of the causes of a failure
    Detection = How easy it is to detect

Benefits of FMEA:

1.Increase customer satisfaction.
2. Improve product or process quality,reliability and cost effectiveness.
3.Decrease inhouse defects and elimination of potential failuimodes related to product or process

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