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Monday 27 January 2020

What is MSA(Measurement system analysis)?

MSA is a statistical tool that is used to determine whether the system is capable or not?
MSA is comprehensive evaluation of measurement process which usually involves 
an experiment designed explicitly to classify the variance components in that measurement.

MSA - Analysis of variation present in measurement system.

When to do MSA?

1.New Product development
2.Change in Process
3.Change in measurement method

Sources of variation

Terms used in MSA:

3. Repeatability
4. Reproducibility

Why MSA is required?

1.To understand the impact of measurement system on the operations.
2. We can get a good quality product
3.For measurements to be effective, they must be accurate and precise.

Types of MSA study:

1.Variable GR&R study
2.Attribute GR&R study

Type of Data:

1.Attribute - Good/Bad ,Ok/Not Ok
2.Variable - Measured data Ex-10.2 mm

Steps in conducting MSA study:

                  1.Select the measurement system for which MSA to be conducted
2.Check that the instrument is calibrated and least count of the instrument in 1/10th of the tolerance.
3.Take five samples 
4.Select three operators
5.Prepare a chart for all the readings
6.Enter the readings in minitab for calculating R&R

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